Have you ever noticed?

have you ever noticed

how far off lights never shine still

instead they constantly flicker

as if they want to tell you something


have you ever noticed

how mountaintops look like faces

and that they seem to be traces

of great men and women who were sadly forgotten


have you ever noticed

how people get over excited

about things they’re passionate about

and their love for it is contagious


maybe what the twinkling lights are trying to tell you is:

the world has an insatiable electricity

that is trying to capture your attention

and you just need to start noticing.


Two roads diverged in a yellow wood

and I might have took the one less traveled by,

but you found another way

and after five years I finally know that it’s okay.

After enjoying an amazing journey together,

over rough terrains and through dreary weather,

our ways slowly, but surely must part.


I hope your path is green

and I hope your path is good.

May your path bring love

even when love is misunderstood.

I hope your path spills with abundance

and I hope your path is long.

I don’t know much about the future

but I know your path isn’t wrong.


I must admit that you were my true north

and that when you left I was completely lost,

but I know that God is my only compass now

and before His feet I gratefully bow.

I had so many questions and so little faith

but I realised that on my path He will forever and always keep me safe.


Never ever lose hope. That’s basically all. Because when you feel as though life is pulling the ground from beneath your feat, something much bigger is picking you up and putting you on His shoulders.

I still feel like a child, so someone comfort me
There’s monsters in my dreams, I need security
I will surrender all of my anxiety
To the only one who’s presence brings me to my knees
I’m trying to keep my balance
It’s a challenge, oh it’s a challenge

Carry me, carry me
At the moment I can hardly breathe
Carry me, carry me, carry me, carry me
Carry me, carry me
At the moment I can hardly breathe
Carry me, carry me, carry me, carry me

When I reach the mountain top I know that I can’t fall
‘Cos you’ll carry me, carry me

I’ll soar on wings like eagles
I will run but not grow weak, ‘Cos you’ll carry me, carry me

Wayward Daughter

These lyrics inspire me, because they come from such a broken place. Not all is lost though, because no matter how shattered you are, hope is the glue that keeps our souls intact.

This post is basically to thank God for helping me to stay hopeful this past year. Most of the time He was pulling me behind Him, while I was kicking and screaming, but He made sure that I never stood still and that I never ever lost hope.