The Michalaks

Today I want to talk about my Sunday treat.

So, I will just hop right into it then. They are called the Michalaks and they are a family of three who vlog (aka video blog) and upload a video onto Youtube every Sunday. At first Hannah Michalak started vlogging, because she wanted to help other pregnant women who do not have anyone to guide them through their pregnancy and the curious adventures that motherhood has to offer. As the weeks progressed and little Gracie was born, they started vlogging about their daily life and Hannah’s husband, Stef, edits all their videos masterfully.

I started watching their videos in my final year of High School (about one and a half years ago) and now I can barely  imagine my week without them. For a while I wondered what it is about the videos that I love, as I am not sure if I even want a family one day, but recently I figured it out. It is the fact that they manage to capture the little things that life dishes up on camera and in doing that they actually make you realise that these things are the most important.

Here is a link to one of my favourites:

Actually fine


It took a while, but now I see:

You didn’t dig a dent in me.

Instead you were scooped out with a cup

like water in a well, being drawn up.

You left no hole,

’cause It all leveled out, like liquid in a bowl.


I wish I could be as organised. I wish I could also study that hard. I wish I wasn’t as impulsive.” Well, guess what. I wish the exact opposite. For once I would like to not overthink every single thing I do and just go for it. It probably sounds easy, right? Well, nope. It’s not.

That’s probably why people are terrified of me and none of my greatest memories strike me as being very last minute. They were carefully planned with every detail meticulously thought through. I wish I could throw my hands up in the air as if I were on a roller coaster and just trust the rails of life. No expectations, no disappointments.

I should probably be careful what I wish for, but I guess I am writing this just to give a bit of perspective. Not everyone is trying to figure their life out. Some people are sitting on their carefully drawn side-line, trying to say “What the heck” and sprinting in the first direction their feet carry them. Trying to dig their way in so deep that they can’t come out. Trying to get lost in the pleasures of the game.

Trying not to go through life as a substitute.