The other day I walked up to a white board.

I was alone in the room and I had a marker in my hand.

So many possibilities.

This didn’t excite me though.

No, it terrified me,

but the type of terror that comes to late.

More like a realisation

that you have been alive for almost 20 years

and don’t have a single thing to say.

So many possibilities,

not one of which came to my mind.

I could not think of one single thing worth drawing.

My hand pecked at the board, without making a dot.

It wasn’t like I was afraid of being judged, as I was alone.

I could really just not think of anything to draw –

that’s what terrified me and still does.



If you had a random few minutes, a white board and a marker,

What would you draw?

Haunted House

She always knew her house was haunted,

but she didn’t mind the clouds above her head.

Something perfect isn’t what she wanted.

She preferred a stranger sort of company instead.

Someone she can talk to.

Someone she can trust.

Someone she can even love,

but someone she can’t touch.


He tried to hold her hand that first night

when she danced to the words that he sang.

Even though his voice usually caused a fright,

she just wanted to help this see-through man.


She was the one people would always avoid.

Her house scared them and they tried to destroy it,

even though she only went outside once a week at most.

Guess it was kind of obvious – she was in love with a ghost.


She tried to end it a thousand times,

but just got stuck deeper with every goodbye.

Simply separated by life and death,

nothing more than the tears that she cries,

a miniature fact – impossible to deny.


Your honest lies

You made me happy, happier than I knew I could be.

For once my smile wasn’t imaginary.

Your kiss was violent – caught me skin deep.

Lying awake at night, counting sheep.


You assured me that I shouldn’t be scared

and somehow I even thought that you cared.

I told you all the things I use to ignore.

I learned from my mistakes, won’t trust anyone anymore.


The cold feels overpowering this time.

My insecurities – eating me from inside.

The clock is ticking, but why is time standing still?

You said you won’t, but somehow I know you will.


It’s not what I want, not at all.

You’re building me up just to make me fall.

I guess I am just as guilty as you,

so just do what you have to do.


You keep telling me over and over – you haven’t missed a day,

but then why is it so easy for you to just go away?

I’m standing alone under this curséd night sky,

waiting, while the shadows are lurking by.


If that’s what you want, I won’t stand in your way.

All I need is to hear the truth, today,

because honesty is better than a thousand lies…

suddenly I see all I have missed in your eyes.


Do you like seeing me as I am now?

Trying to get up, but I’m not sure I know how.

I knew it would happen, why did I pretend?

Watching as you leave me for my best friend…

As jy praat, maar niks sê nie.

Hoe lank gaan ons nog praat

oor hoe ons dans en draai en aande weg drink?

Hoe lank gaan ons nog maak

asof ons mekaar sien deur die rook?

Hoe lank gaan ons nog praat

tot ons kom by die punt?

Ek kan sien jy’s hartseer, ek kan sien jy’s alleen

en deur al die woorde wens ek jy kon weet:

Ek ook.

Russian Roulette

As her face starts to pale, he walks away,

leaving her lying on the ground.

Her life is the price she had to pay

Aand he is already out for another round.


He had her heart, he had her trust and he had her every thought,

but every day he still kept asking for more.

Pain is what every new morning brought.

Her life is over and he’ll just go on living like before.


It’s obvious that he just took her for a ride.

Six feet under must be better than being by his side.


I hope he’s happy now –

the bullet was show, the girl is dead.

Maybe he’ll even find a way to forgive himself somehow.

in the end, there can be only one winner in Russian Roulette.